KidsChess: Teaching games for children in one App

Press Release Mar 2021

Russia, St.Petersburg
Mar 31, 2021

Rifat Chess Club has developed an app to help children better master the game

RIFAT's Chess CLUB presents a complex of entertaining and short games for elementary education for young chess players. Games are designed in the form of an application KidsChess , working both on the phone and on the computer.

The complex of chess games presented in the RIFAT club is intended primarily for children who already know how to move pieces, and their parents.

Games develop attention, an understanding of the comparative value and strength of pieces, and emphasize the importance of advancing pawns . 5-10-minute duels with a small number of pieces and simple, clear rules will give players pleasure, help them get used to the world of chess. Many adults will also be pleasantly surprised by some of the difficulties in such seemingly simple games. The program provides: FOUR LEVELS of the player, the ability to play for ANY SIDE, a game of TWO against each other, the function of RETURNING THE TURN. These games will allow novice chess players to quickly master the comparison of the strength of pieces, the values of connected and missed pawns, the diagonal capabilities of bishops, etc.and acquire primary chess skills - such as attacking pieces, safe and mutual attacks , basic ways to protect pieces, double strikes.

Having mastered the moves of the pieces and learned what checkmate is, novice chess players tend to play REAL CHESS. However, to keep all 32 chess pieces in the field of your attention is an impossible task for a child. In addition, children can not keep their attention on the game for a long time, which is necessary for the successful completion of a chess game. Their knowledge and skills do not allow them to bring the game to its logical end. That is why the game in their performance turns into a meaningless exchange of moves and random exchange of pieces. Such games quickly become boring and end in vain ( that is, they do not end at all) and, in fact, turn children away from chess, often forever. All these features of novice chess players are taken into account in the proposed games – short, clear, effective and with a small number of pieces.

THE UNIQUENESS of the presented games lies primarily in the fact that players are offered a real CHESS BATTLE according to the chess rules! However, what is important, the goal of this single combat is not checkmate (often an abstract, random and incomprehensible concept for beginners), but much more accessible goals for their understanding - THE COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the enemy or the TRANSFORMATION of a pawn into a queen. The SECOND FEATURE is that after getting acquainted with the rules, users can easily play the proposed games live, ON a REAL BOARD, without gadgets and monitors, using the program only for getting acquainted with the rules and for training. In this case, you can easily choose the appropriate handicap for each child by adjusting the quantitative composition of the chess pieces. THE THIRD FEATURE is that with the handicap, children will REALLY be able to beat adult players, so dads will not be bored!

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