KidsChess: Chess games for children

Learning to play chess for the little ones. Games teach children to pay attention, understand the relative strength of pieces and the importance of passed pawns. On Android, iOS, Windows phone and computers

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The set of games presented by RIFAT CLUB is intended primarily for children, although some games will be of interest to adults as well. Games train children to pay attention, develop an understanding of the comparative value and strength of pieces, and emphasize the importance of passed pawns. 5-10 minute duels with a small number of pieces and simple, clear rules will delight the players and help them get comfortable in the world of chess ...

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A set of chess-based games, each the listed below consist of several teaching games:

  • King's clothes
  • Wolf and Kids
  • Elephant clothes
  • Angry Foxes
  • Forest animals
  • War and Peace
  • Battle of Kings

Chess CLUB RIFAT - Teaching kids chess. A training program for beginner chess players has been developed. Suitable for children of preschool and primary school age as an additional activity in a circle or section of an educational institution.